NG Advent Calendar 2012

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Eighteenth! 5 Points

18th of December

Eighth! 5 Points

8th of December

Eleventh! 5 Points

11th of December

Fifteenth! 5 Points

15th of December

Fifth! 5 Points

5th of December

First! 5 Points

1st of December

Fourteenth! 5 Points

14th of December

Fourth! 5 Points

4th of December

Nineteenth! 5 Points

19th of December

Ninth! 5 Points

9th of December

Second! 5 Points

2nd of December

Seventeenth! 5 Points

17th of December

Seventh! 5 Points

7th of December

Sixteenth! 5 Points

16th of December

Sixth! 5 Points

6th of December

Tenth! 5 Points

10th of December

Third! 5 Points

3rd of December

Thirteenth! 5 Points

13th of December

Twelfth! 5 Points

12th of December

Twentieth! 5 Points

20th of December

Twenty-First! 5 Points

21st of December

Twenty-Fourth! 5 Points

24th of December

Twenty-Second! 5 Points

22nd of December

Twenty-Third! 5 Points

23rd of December

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Open a window each day until Christmas to reveal a lovely image and earn a shiny medal for being a good lil' Newgrounder

Ver 1.1:
- Managed to get the Date & Time API working, so people who reset their CPU clocks are wasting their time.
- Added a few more medals until I got sleepy.
Ver 1.2:
- Added thumbnails to opened windows, so you know what image is behind them (and you can quit looking at the godawful pic that forms the main image).
- Fixed some of the artist names and links. Whoops.
- Switched some of the pics around for Day 12.
Ver 1.3 (hopefully the last major update):
- Will now Save opened windows. YES GET IN.
- Corrected the vertical alignment of some windows.
Ver 1.3.1 - 1.3.3
- Added some dates and a clear button.
- Some guys said they couldn't earn medals. I've added some leeway to the code which hopefully fixes this.
Ver 1.3.4
- Think I'm all done now. Time to enjoy that Christmas Eve beer! Merry Christmas!

**NOTE 1**
You can only gain medals if you open the door on the day. I'm a believer in making medals a challenge to obtain. Plus they're only 5 points, so if you miss a day it isn't a big deal. But watch out for Christmas day ...
**NOTE 2**
Some people have noticed that you can see all the artwork after I update the file. Just clear your cache, and it should work fine.
**NOTE 3**
If you're looking at this at some time after Christmas (January onwards), you're out of luck! (Why, did you think earning medals was going to be as easy as clicking some buttons? Naff off). The only time you can earn medals is during December. This is a Christmas collab, after all.


Track two reminds me of my old battery-powered piano by the way it sounds.

are you santa because somehow you answer most of the questions and talk most of the reviews and this vid is on the fing front bage magic?

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

are you bill cosby, with the pokey and the man and the thing where the guy comes out of the thing and he likes to fall out of that whrr ah ah ah?


TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Hooray for tedious repetitive tasks!

I've been doing this for 12 days now (in fact I'm into the flash advent calendar as well). I'd love to do this for 13 more days. The collab aspect makes it fresh each day, even though not all of the days have been all that great. Hope you DO make a new tradition out of this! I'm also doing a REAL advent calendar where I get to eat some chocolate each day :) I guess I'm just a sucker for advents :P . #1 is still my favorite though :)

One thing though... for anyone who finds this AFTER the date, you should allow the medals to unlock any time the pic is opened, just to be fair. Personally, I saw this under judgement and voted to love it... but not everyne is so lucky.

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TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Hi, cheers for the review. If you like #1, you might get a kick out of #14.

About your 2nd paragraph, I know it's unfair, but in the long run it'd be lame. People would just wait until the 25th and collect 170pts worth of medals - just for clicking through a slide show! I'd rather give people an incentive to treat it like an actual advent calendar, and be as vigilant as yourself.

wow you literally put my favorite character In there it is Hank

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Dec 1, 2012
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