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Reviews for "NG Advent Calendar 2012"

Love the 2012 Advent calendar.
Dont worry about Wayne. hes an ass hole and he couldnt give constructive criticism if his live depended on it.

The music was classical and smoothe the art collection is great as well. For what it is you did a great job. Theres not much more that could be done to this but like the old quote goes, If it isn't broken don't fix it. Keep up the good work bro. Oh and one more thing. I lke how you turned off the medals until christmas. Makes it more unique. :D

This one was pretty interesting

I have reviewed somany of these kinds of games from the worst to some average ones to the best ones out there, And this entry would be right up there, its not perfect but its notbad either, its pretty fun aswell as some good fun comes with this one. So this one was pretty interesting, and its festive so thats notbad, i didnt come along till late in the dates so i guess i missed some medals :( but it was still a fun little game, it was very artistic with all the art sizes and such, but overall this was a good game and good easy medals aswell. With this entry you put up some smiles on the viewers, and your concept of this game really shines good, and so with that said just keep making these awsome game types it brings us all fun, pleasure, and good entertainment.

You have sprayed the most interestung stuff through-out this flash, mostly good, I guess there is a few things you could do to make it better, so here are options and ideas. Maybe after its all said and done you can make it so people can go back and achieve some of those older medals somehow.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Please don't review my stuff anymore, Wayne, cos you never say anything of value.

Take for example this review: "There is a few things you could do to make it better" ... but then you say absolutely nothing about how it could be improved.

fantastic pictures and i really loved the 1st music but how do we get the medals??

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Step 1: Read the Author's Comments.

Track two reminds me of my old battery-powered piano by the way it sounds.

There is alot of good art in her and some of them are from my favorite newgrounders. Even though you dont get medals if your not on the same day as it its still pretty neat.