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Reviews for "NG Advent Calendar 2012"

Glad to be a part of this, now I got an achievement for my own art >:D!
Lovely music and art from everyone.
Merry Christmas and I hope there's more collabs to come!

While the degree of detail in the pictures varies, it still kicks major ass. Tasteful music, notable NG artists and an ab-fab interface make this a great gift to NG from it's Art Portal, which also kicks major ass. This is a class effort and the charity is certainly worthy of clicking an ad or two, while we get a fiver in points.

It seems a bit lacking, the art is hit and miss.

Oh my, I have my own medal !
I've been digging TOAS's art for a while now and I loved taking part in a christmas collab hosted by him
from now on I'll be posting my drwing crap on ng cuz flash has benn really poopy for me,
I'm never playing any ng game with medals in my account agn so I have my medal on my page FOEVA

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Tell you what, there's no better feeling than having one of your pictures as an NG medal.

Well, there probably are better feelings out there, but a personal NG medal is up there.

You're interested in doing more art collabs? Sweet! I'd love to have the opportunity to do more, this one was so much fun!

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

I wish people had the drive to host art collabs since it gets activities going. The offputting thing is either the final project is a simple slideshow (which looks like guff) or a something that is horrible to code or design. My favourite art collabs are the Lil José robot game and Clock gallery since they are fun to use for the player.

It's early days for this project, and (as you can tell at the time of writing) it's not quite complete. But I have a good idea about how to tackle a photofit collab, and I'd probably test it out before opening it up to the forum.

By the way, I've been drinking.