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Reviews for "NG Advent Calendar 2012"

Oh hey look, mine!
I'm really glad with the way this turned out. Good work TOAS and Nae and the rest of the art forum. We need more collabs.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

I've been thinking we could do with some more collabs, if only to encourage more activity.
(I've got an idea for a Police Photofit collab that works in a similar way as Lil José's Build A Bot).

Well there's one reason to like the holiday season!

(Hm that last bit rhymed) Ah theres nothing more fun then waking up everyday and checking out this flashy to find a surprise photo and earn a medal for giving you support. It's not easy keeping up but still I can't wait to see what tommorow will bring! :)

Great game!, being reviewed by TheGameReviewer101. o3o

Pros: Nice how there are actually medals. Cool looking medals I must say. Very good that if you missed a day, you can't get it. I like that, where you have to make sure you get it everyday.

Cons: It is sort of unfair to some players, who can't get on, for whether there is a punishment, or they can't get on the internet, or whatever. One last thing, is on the fourth, you have a picture with santa in a sleigh with a ton of money in the back, and Romney stickers. I'm not really sure which person you guys voted for, and I realize the voting is over, but it could start another political war, and New Grounds would be in chaos.

Keep making calenders! Merry Christmas!

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

I would think this Flash is more to do with the art than the acquisition of medals.

Cheers for the review though, and merry Christmas to you, too!

I've been doing this for 12 days now (in fact I'm into the flash advent calendar as well). I'd love to do this for 13 more days. The collab aspect makes it fresh each day, even though not all of the days have been all that great. Hope you DO make a new tradition out of this! I'm also doing a REAL advent calendar where I get to eat some chocolate each day :) I guess I'm just a sucker for advents :P . #1 is still my favorite though :)

One thing though... for anyone who finds this AFTER the date, you should allow the medals to unlock any time the pic is opened, just to be fair. Personally, I saw this under judgement and voted to love it... but not everyne is so lucky.

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Hi, cheers for the review. If you like #1, you might get a kick out of #14.

About your 2nd paragraph, I know it's unfair, but in the long run it'd be lame. People would just wait until the 25th and collect 170pts worth of medals - just for clicking through a slide show! I'd rather give people an incentive to treat it like an actual advent calendar, and be as vigilant as yourself.

Loving all the great art! Something to look forward to everyday when I come to Newgrounds!