Dash'n Knights

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Combo Apprentice 5 Points

Hit 10 combos!

Counter Apprentice 5 Points

Do 10 counters!

Damage Apprentice 5 Points

Hit 100 damages!

Defense Apprentice 5 Points

Defend from 10 attacks!

Healer Apprentice 5 Points

Use potions to recover 100 HP!

Perfect Combo 5 Points

Execute 2 consecutive combos!

Perfect Counter 5 Points

Manage 2 consecutive counters!

Perfect Damage 5 Points

Manage 3 consecutive damage!

Combo Master 10 Points

Hit 100 combos!

Combo Veteran 10 Points

Hit 50 combos!

Counter Master 10 Points

Do 100 counters!

Counter Veteran 10 Points

Do 50 counters!

Damage Master 10 Points

Hit 10000 damages!

Damage Veteran 10 Points

Hit 1000 damages!

Defense Master 10 Points

Defend from 100 attacks!

Defense Veteran 10 Points

Defend from 50 attacks!

Earth Punisher 10 Points

Deal 100 earth damage!

Extravagant 10 Points

Spend 1000 or more gold!

Fire Punisher 10 Points

Deal 100 fire damage!

Healer Master 10 Points

Use potions to recover 5000 HP!

Healer Veteran 10 Points

Use potions to recover 1000 HP!

Hyper Combo 10 Points

Execute 4 consecutive combos!

Hyper Counter 10 Points

Manage 3 consecutive counters!

Hyper Damage 10 Points

Manage 4 consecutive damage!

Hyper Overkill 10 Points

Manage 3 consecutive overkills!

Last Man Standing 10 Points

End a battle with only one member left in Extreme mode!

No Damage 10 Points

Finish a battle without taking any damage in Extreme mode!

Overkill Apprentice 10 Points

Overkill with 50 damage!

Overkill Master 10 Points

Overkill with 1000 damage!

Overkill Veteran 10 Points

Overkill with 500 damage!

Overwhelming 10 Points

Finish a battle in only one turn in Extreme mode!

Perfect Overkill 10 Points

Manage 2 consecutive overkills!

Rich Man 10 Points

Have 5000 or more gold!

Special Combo 10 Points

Execute 6 consecutive combos!

Special Counter 10 Points

Manage 4 consecutive counters!

Special Damage 10 Points

Manage 5 consecutive damage!

Special Overkill 10 Points

Manage 4 consecutive overkills!

Treasure Hunter 10 Points

Collect 1000 gold!

Water Punisher 10 Points

Deal 100 water damage!

Wind Punisher 10 Points

Deal 100 wind damage!

Complete Game 25 Points

Finish the campaign!

Perfect Game 100 Points

Finish the campaign with all challenges cleared!

Author Comments

Follow Dash and his fellow Dashing Knights in their adventure to uncover a mysterious evil organization on the northern continent!

Play as the Dashing Knights in this unique pool version of turn-based strategy/RPG hybrid! Beat every level and it's additional challenge to unlock various upgrade and lots achievement along the way.
Can you help the Dashing Knights complete their journey?

Control: Mouse Only
- Choose Move command and pick on enemy direction to move towards them. When hitting enemy, your unit will automatically attack them.
- Choose Defend command to stay in place and reduce half damage from any incoming attack.
- Choose Counter command to stay in place and automatically attack anyone that hit you.
- Choose Item command to use various potion and equip elemental weapon in battle.

1st Daily Feature? Cool! :D
Thanks for all the feedback and comment! There are a new version uploaded ^^

- Add new tutorial
- Fix durability/element weapon upgrade mix-up
- Revise path guide size
- Spacing up the action panel to avoid wrong click
- Change No Move challenge to Half Speed


Its amazing good graphics and its really fun to play i played for nearly 4 hours and didn't get bored


This game was really fun and cool toward the beginning.

Toward the end of the campaign, the game's flaws start to catch up with it, and eventually spoil it.

The xp system needs to scale accordingly with the xp that the enemies give.

...and the stat increases need to reflect what level you are, since adding 5 points to hp or one point to defense near the middle of the game doesn't really help at all.

I earned he wind damage achievement, but there was never a medal awarded for it.
The consecutive counters achievements don't seem to be working.
Overkill medals are a bit lofty.
Toward the end of the game, everything has a ridiculous amount of resistance/defense and everything takes 1's or 0's unless you spend hours.... and I do mean HOURS grinding (since the xp system needs to be reworked)

overall.... I think you should have had this game playtested from start to finish before submitting it, since it feels like an unfinished project.

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Awesome game, beautiful graphics, beautiful programming (so smoooth!). Thank you for making this.

Improvement suggestions:
-AI (black dragon on level 10 gets stuck behind the wall or dashes right next to itself for no reason).
-Weapons. The weapon system blows. Such low durability! Instead of making durability super high (to where you can upgrade them to last the entire fight), just make them disappear for the rest of the battle and then restore them after the fight. OR, let us repair them! We have so much gold!
-I haven't tested it yet, but multiple people complained about the 3rd element limit upgrade not working; make sure it's fixed so we can pump up our weapon strength!!!
-Class abilities
-Instead of unlocking the heroes with upgrade points, let us unlock them by beating levels or completing special challenges.
-Let us upgrade our heroes through various challenges (e.g. get a platinum on a certain level and get free stat upgrades or a special weapon or something).
-Magical items that let us shoot projectiles; particularly useful for setting off bombs.
-Improve ricochet damage bonus (from spike balls, walls, etc.).
-Improve bomb damage.
-Decrease damage dealt to allied players or negate it when moving directly against them. Allow pushes/damage against walls, but it doesn't make sense that they actually strike one another.

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Weapons in this game are so frustrating and the system for them is absolutely horrible. I lost 2 weapons from the get go because I thought I turned them off when I didn't, then a third when I didn't realize that by "turns" you meant attacks and not entire rounds. Rather than simply giving the player the ability to add a bonus to their attacks for a few turns you instead punish them harshly for literally no good reason. Having your weapon destroyed does not add any depth to this game and with the durability system being as confusing as it is it's a turn off for new players. It's not like I can go back to an older save file either and reverse my mistake since saving is automatic.

The game has some potential though honestly it felt really grindy. Having your weapons destroyed really screws it up though and makes the game tons less fun since weapon drops are not common and upgrading them is expensive.

tempalabs responds:

The weapon is actually a bit rare and should be used sparingly. Your character is entirely capable of attacking enemies without any weapon equipped.

dashing is cool fighting is the best winning is totaly awesome

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Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2012
5:23 AM EDT
Strategy - Other