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Author Comments

Originally created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 21, / ESCAPE \ is a fast paced vertical wall-jumper where up is the only way out. Climb as high as you can!

Press Escape - Jump
Hold Escape - Jump Higher


0: Mute
+/-: Volume

Tip: Combine jumps to gain speed, but be careful, it's dangerous!

iOS: http://kongregate.com/pag es/escape-ios
Android: http://kongregate.com/pag es/escape-android

Ian Brock - Graphics
Josh Schonstal - Programming
Guerin McMurry (spamtron) - Music


Very addictive

Scored a 410

Its awesome...ermmm

but even with my mad gaming skills, I cannot get past the first pair of zappers!

Good, but could be much better.

As previous reviews have stated, this game is a blast, but it's also absolutely pointless (I know all games are, pretty much) in the way that it has no objective other than going higher. And the randomness of the zappers can make it really tricky even at 50mt high, when you could also have a very easy ride up 150mt, which is sort of unfair.
Also, the speeding up function is broken. It's more of a burden than a benefit, you end up running into zappers you didn't even know were there...
I feel this game could be downright amazing, with a few minor tweaks.

And, protip! Use w and up arrow, w on the left wall and up on the right, it feels much more natural. :D

Too hard to get up there

This game did some things well. The whole concept of jumping up, holding it longer to go higher, that can make for an interesting game. Throw in the interesting and nicely done graphics and music, and things are lining up to be a real winner. The fatal flaw though, is the random zappers. It's too difficult to avoid them in some places. Had they have been set statically, I could have gotten a pattern down and worked past them. Always trying to go a bit higher to see what's next, that's what keeps me playing. I'd like to see what's higher up on this one but just can't make it. Could there be other obstacles to avoid and learn to deal with? Doesn't matter because I can't make it past the bottom. I still want to see though, because as I said, I like the art.

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repetitiveness + constant death = loss of interest

I do like it, trust me, I do, but after a few deaths it loses it's value on how fun it is, and the lack of plot and goal really make it less and less tempting to play. If you had to climb a building, not knowing how tall it would be, not knowing why you'd have to, and people just kept punching you down, forcing you to do it over and over again, eventually you'd quit. Also, while I do appreciate the game changing to random sets of shockers, it seems sometimes it puts you in a position to where no matter which side you're on, you'll die, and while I have usually found ways to work around these, that requires time, which is shortened by the accelerating laser underneath you. Another issue is the annoying trait to where if I keep doing "hold" jumps, it goes higher, (when the long line of motion is behind you) this usually screws everything up, as it then completely changes the original controls, to a point where it makes it hard to manage, forcing me to wait for my jump, which then shortens the me/laser distance, maybe adding some actually useful powerups and the ability to pick a difficulty, and giving us a plot and goal for the ascent would really help it, but nevertheless, with a quick stress-break between every 3000 deaths, one can tolerate it, and still find it enjoyable.

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Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2012
1:30 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Other