Reviews for "/ ESCAPE \"


but pretty hard (or i just suck)

All you do is press one BUT-TEN the entire time!

Emphasis on the 10. The game was fun. The only way I could see it being improved is with different levels.... who knows, maybe you could even work in a story.

But the game-play makes the game, and this game has its mechanics down pat.


Aha, win.

Pure, simple fun.

One of the best endless platform games I have ever played. What makes it the best? Dying doesn't make me mad. All it does is make me wanna try harder. Some games try to do that, but are always either to slow or to quick to get back to the action. This one has the perfect balance, giving you just enough time to regroup your thoughts without going on for too long. Only thing that makes me unhappy is when there are two side by side and you have to time it perfectly XD I do NOT have the dexterity to do that :P

All in all, great game! Now, to get out of the 200's XD

great game