The Lusty Barfly

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This is the start of our Ambition murder mystery series at zapdramatic.com.


I was more impressed by this game. The first episode? I believe there were others before this one. Is the numbering like "Star Wars"? The animation was okay. It's hard for 2000 animation to hold up well.

I do like this woman. It's interesting to develop a relationship. I didn't know I danced that bad! I'm not going to sexually harass her. Every celebrity is doing that nowadays.


That is the only way to describe this game. What more can I say? This is quite a twisted little sick mind game, the way it should be. Rather interesting on the whole. I LOVE IT!

Hey, why not?

You gotta love any game involving getting something out from between a chick's tits.

You know its funny

These game are horribly animated yet there's a certain charm to them that makes me keep coming back for more. Whether it be the unrealistic scenarios or just the fun choices and what not. I mean seriously if some crazy lady holds you at gunpoint in front of a whole bar how is no one not batting an eye in all of this? Sigh its just the little things that make this series fun

This game was seriously pretty damn trashy and this lusty barfly bimbo acts like a total bitch throughout the whole game and the way you have to seduce her and be a total suck up to get the damn tape back just shows that she's a self-centered conceited pathological cunt that probably only robbed you of your tape to fish for compliments so that she could try to feel a little more satisfied with her pathetic self and I bet you anything that it wasn't her bday and she was just lying to try and get you to be nicer to her and because your character is such a fucking dickhead he bought into the bullshit and basically treated this regular like some fucking princess, but she's not the nice kind of princess oh no no she's in fact a bratty snob of a princess that probably got spoiled to death by her thieving con artist parents throughout her pitiful life!

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2.63 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2000
7:07 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating