Reviews for "The Lusty Barfly"

When I say it say altered states I was hoping this would be a follow up to that there Altered Beast game. I was very disappointed to not be told to rise to my grave, and not be welcomed to my doom. I also could not figure out where to Put the quarter in after I died and lose all my life's. WHY MUST THIS GAME BE SO SIMMS BEEF STICK ORIGINAL FAVOR!

I've always hated Bridget.
Otherwise, good game, too much sexuality, ya lose a star. Sorry.


karinaisweird, I don't mean to insult your intelligence, but this was created in the year 2000.
This was stunning for its time and I don't see why people are giving it such bad reviews.

ambition 10

i notice this game require a membership on ZapDramatic would you mine uploading all of ambition 10


I'm going to give you 4 .
Here are things you can improve on:
-It looks like it was drawn on paint
-She's ugly(maybe that's just my opinion)
-I don't like the way you have to kiss her butt if you wanna get that tape back
-She's faaaar too trigger happy.
Mind you, I couldn't make something better myself, and sorry for leaving you a negative review.
Nice try though