Reviews for "The Lusty Barfly"


That was the funniest death I ever experienced. Well done.

Wait, this is the start of the Ambition series? I thought it was the suicide bomber. Guess this is the prequel, that would make sense, since it's the same woman, or at least the same sprite. The choices are alright, but honestly the woman was a bit creepy. She did this half-wink thing randomly that actually scared me a bit. It was also somewhat easier than the other ones, and at least a gun in this situation made a lot more sense than in the suspicious cop.

Ok this is a pretty awesome game, but it's NOT ok to expose Women sexually like this. This is a very sexist game, but it's still fun. Just please, if you're going to sexually expose something, expose a pony.

When I say it say altered states I was hoping this would be a follow up to that there Altered Beast game. I was very disappointed to not be told to rise to my grave, and not be welcomed to my doom. I also could not figure out where to Put the quarter in after I died and lose all my life's. WHY MUST THIS GAME BE SO SIMMS BEEF STICK ORIGINAL FAVOR!

I've always hated Bridget.
Otherwise, good game, too much sexuality, ya lose a star. Sorry.