Reviews for "The Lusty Barfly"


why the hell did they put this in the datingsim section? was there any dating or nudity? i don't think so!

Crapped out

It was a good idea but it was not done so well. The way the lady looked was really bad and not at all sexy. The options where lame, not very realistic. The game was not very deep, and made little sense, she acted more like an agent than a normal lady, and what was the whole," Death to all liars" thing about? It was pretty stupid. Good idea for a game, but done very poorly.

To easy and she aint hot

dude thats too easy that chick urgm i mean ugly chick is not hot my grandma is hotter than that so.............1.new chick...2it cant look like my granny ........and 3.......u figure out 3

Did she have the mumps?

Every time she finished talking, something weird was happening underneath her chin. Was she ill? I'm worried about her! Seriously though: I kind of liked the psychology involved in getting the tape back but the rest of the movie’s qualities ruined it for me. The subtitles, some of the time, didn't match what she was actually saying. The audio was horrible. The graphics were gross (she didn't make me want to get the tape out of her breasts but throw up on them). The animation could be SO much better. But I commend you for trying to make a psychological movie. That takes skill and intelligence. But so does animation. ;-)


Its ok not to bad but its hard