Reviews for "The Lusty Barfly"


The ending was completely unrealistic, as were her replies. As other reviewers have said, her constant reference to 'stealing home base' was infuriating, and her being so trigger-happy was just stupid. The graphics were irritating and her constant wink made it look like she had some kind of muscle problem as opposed to being 'sexy.'

That.....was Terrible

I usually don't give bad reviews but......seriously?
Story: 0/10 unrealistic and never explains why a random woman with a gun would take your tape.
Girl: 0/10 she was fugly, had a manface, hair barely attached and her extra chin kept bouncing. She was also a complete bitch who randomly had a gun.
Effort: 1/10 you half-assed the comment to reply thing and a number of times i would say something not even remotly related to sex and she would tell me not to steal home. WTF? You must have put SOME effort in it for the voices so you get a 1
Maybe the whole "ambition" story will make more sense, but this piece was just garbage.
I normally give around a 5 or 6 to bad movies/games and try to give constructive critism instead of flame but i'm pissed with this so i apologize for it being just a lot of flaming.
This is literally the lowest score i've ever given. Congratulations.


She's not even that pretty, and why does she keep SHOOTING me?!

Overall a good game

I love these games, this one was a little easy though, but still good. Tip: Go along with her "game" for a while, win her over.

Stupid game

Why i need talk to her. She take my stuff. I can just beat the bitch or shot to ge back my type.