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Dragon Age Legends: Remix

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EA2D, makers of Dragon Age Legends on Facebook has teamed up with indie game developer Pixelante (Evan Miller) to build Dragon Age Legends: Remix 01.

The result is Evan Miller's Hack 'n Slash Mix of Dragon Age Legends. Playing as Dragon Age Legends' Viscount Ravi, players will learn about Ravi's back story while fighting their way through hordes of demons and darkspawn. By completing levels of the Remix, players are able to earn gifts for their hero in Dragon Age Legends on Facebook.

Play Legends now at http://apps.facebook.com/

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Funky controls but it's a fun game.

Most excellent :-)

This game is soooo freaking awesome!!! The graphics combines itself with the gameplay because both are simple and fantastic! Its so addicting to slay everything at you way and squash those bosses. I also like the simple detail when the coursor is out of the game, the game pauses, avoinding any kind of unfair death because of the controls. Speaking of controls, at first it looks gemicky, but with just a little bit of getting use to it becomes flawless!

Well, the game is easy, the only thing that deffers the easy from insane is the amount of hp and damage the mobs have, whit is kinda lazy, because they could lower the drop rate of items and give the monster new moves, and the game is short, i completed normal mode and insane mode in less than 2 hours, not bad, but it kinda sucks.

The bosses are crazy cool! But as long as you stay in the air, you can easily defeat the first one, and its a shame that the items you win, you end up not using. Also, the "fitness"skill is useless, and why would you try to evade or defend in a game where the fun is to run n gun? (i can see someone use "defend", but "fitness"is useless since "power"also gives you i frames and a short dodge) And leveling up is not so noticible, the only visual diference is the skills, and you will end you using just one skill the whole game and having a stack of XP in less than a hour.

But this criticism is kinda personal tbh, the game is very enjoyable and cool, a true hack n slash without any kind of confusing stats and all that bs, the controls are simple and it macthes with the core gameplay, "simple but VERY fun"!! Heck! I used my notebook's mouse wheel!

Oh, I wish the content was better but Facebook is being hard on this game for transactions, Hope you update these games!

The best game I played this year (and I played a lot of games this year) is most pleased with the gameplay and the variety of enemies a great game keep it up :)