Reviews for "Dragon Age Legends: Remix"

i think i play this like a long time ago when i did ent have a account so i did not comment
very great game

BEST GAME I EVER PLAYED ON NG! :D I loved the simple graphics, the storyline, the battle system (I love hack n slash), the lvling system, and that it wasn't a continual game. having an end is nice lol

great game! love your work!
make a Bitey game lol ;)

Yes, this was fantastic! How did I miss a game made by the great chluaid?! I must have been crazy! Anyway, it was great to have such simple gameplay. The only thing I didn't like was how it was a bit too small. The resolution didn't seem to add up that well.

It's still a great game. The music and sounds are wonderful too. I think I recall finding out more about this game previously. It was truly worth the buildup! The action is just awesome.

Very Good game. I like the gameplay, very fast. I would like to have a weapon choice but..

i feel so OP