Reviews for "Dragon Age Legends: Remix"



I skipped alot.

This was way beter then any crappy facebook game.


its way better then the real game but my guy glitched up when a lot of enemies got near me on insane and my guy floated in mid-air changing weps but i couldnt control him

The best game I've played on Newgrounds!

So fluid controls, such an epic character, beautiful sounds, interesting story, an easy system and the overall epicness of this game is so compelling, that I wish to continue playing it, so I'm going to Facebook.

People should look up to this game and learn from it. Especially about the controls: so simple, and yet so efficient.

This is one of the few games that really deserves every star out there, not just 10 of them.

Excellent job!

this game....

This game was just epic realy soo fricking epic i cant belive there arent more games like this if only you guys could make another one that would be awesomesauce, P.S EPIC GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!