Reviews for "Dragon Age Legends: Remix"

Ok,I'm serious....

this is the best game on Newgrounds!!!


Controls were astounding! Action and battle systems! Able to switch fighting styles to suit your way of fighting. Loved using mostly the Power Style. God rocketing the enemies above me into space. Insane level was worth it's salt, but I feel there should be more elements to it? Final Boss was definitely a toughie in Insane mode, but his major attacks were becoming easy to predict after a few seconds of fighting.

Though my only irk would be just relying on the mouse alone... then again it is my first using ONLY the mouse as a means of multi-controls.

Looking forward to after games similar to this if you make them! :D

Been there; done that

Just like the actual game, this one offers nothing but repetitiveness in both scenery and battles. Experience for upgrading your "skills" is too easy to obtain and the monsters are so weak their attacks tickle like a little feather. The drop-rate of items should also be lowered. Even on the highest difficulty I passed through with ease.

There's absolutely no customization in terms of character or what weapons I wish to use. My character randomly appears with higher-tier armor and weapons every level I progressed. Did he poop these out or what?

There should also be an option to assign controls. Having us use a mouse (what if someone is using a laptop and was forced to use a trackpad?) is a nightmare. It doesn't add to the difficulty factor, it just becomes a bother after awhile.

Amazing game

Literally the only thing that could be done to make this better is to give us an option of using the mouse or the keyboard.

fucking awesome

so far one of the best games I ever played on newgrounds . the game mechanics was brilliant and clever. there were a few lag issues however but my pc sucks so I don't think its a problem
A reward is really needed by you and don't listen to the noobs who are comparing this game with the actual dragon age game