Reviews for "Dragon Age Legends: Remix"


Please make a sequel!!!!


a few things i would add/change IMO:

1. a rage bar. when you get on a killing streak, the bar fills and for a short time, you get 2x the attack at 1/2 the defense.

2. not having to choose a strength. (ranged or power or fineness or defense) but being able to balance them all into 1.

3. understanding this is a hack and slash, maybe adding in keyboard controls instead of just mouse?

4. too short... as most people have pointed out.

5. a change of weapons: if a sword is not your style, an axe or

onto the positive side of things!

1. outstanding game play. smooth and fast, the action rarely died down.

2. the facebook link over. great for people to get a leg up on the game outside of newgrounds.

good game, overall, 4/5 and 9/10!

one word





but it lags a lot in my netbook..