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UPDATE May 28/11 v1.4.4: Fixed white screen in loading, and Flashing Generals when blood is turned off.
UPDATE May 24/11 v1.3.2: Added a fast forward button, and fixed many small bugs! Everyone that was stuck in an area due to a bug should now be able to pass it! :)
(It may take a day or two for changes to get approved, check options to make sure it's v1.3.2)

Finally, the long awaited Siegius is here!
Battle your enemies while upgrading your army through multiple campaigns.

Then do it! At level 4 you get access to spells, don't forget to add in 2 spells too!

Everything in the game is pre-rendered, which is why there is no quality toggles (it simply won't do anything). Flash doesn't like when this game is zoomed in though, so make sure your screen isn't zoomed in and you should be able to fit thousands of guys on screen without any lag!

Controls are explained in game.
Also, visit MaxGames.com to play the bonus boar campaign!

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Oh my god, it hit me with that Glorious Morning. I legit might start crying if I hear it again.

Love the Game! It was always one of my favorite games as a kid. Only one thing though, does anyone know how to play as the boarathians where Max Games has not switched from flash yet? Thanks.

i remember playing this game besides arena but i forgot that this game existed im so bloody happy that i found it my inner nostalgia will kick in after typing this
edit: yeah games great but it lags hard when playing newgrounds player the game lags hard because of sprite clotting and the backgrounds are the leading cause besides the enemies and also the reason this happens is because of full screen is streching the sprites

its good , need updates and new generals,soliders...

Very good strategy game similar to Age of War with a vibrant and unique art style. Would definitely recommend checking this out at least once.