Reviews for "Siegius"

Exactly what I wanted

I was looking for a roman army side scroller and happened upon this. I loved the Caesar campaign but the other two got boring quickly and i felt they were a little out of order because the campaigns only seemed to get easier. Overall though it was a really fun game and kept me entertained for quite a while. I'd love playing another but maybe add the armies of some of the other people the romans conquered, save thier campaign for last and, add more units/upgrade w/ visuals.


pretty cool but i dont have the patience for it

Very Good Job Indeed

Ha that all thingie(lolenglish) was too great :D
I loved every second of it and I must say it is pretty awesome with an equally awesome soundtrack backing. One of the best flash games I have seen perhaps the 2nd best.

Everything was well made and although some levels were tough they were feasible. Only problem was that Roman Legionaires had a little too less hp in contrast to other roman troops which were destined for mellee and had normal and good mellee health. I had to not use leginaires in some levels to win and finally came not to use them at all but the Roman Campaign was clearly the best experience.

About the Gauls they have generally little hp but a but more less than the one they were supposed to have since I know they were meant to be low on defence. But anyway their campaign was good a lit harder at the start and especially at the boar levels but I loved the whole thing :D

Good Job overall 5/5 10/10 >:D


This is really great....no comment


An Age of War style game with a simple twist on strategy and graphics. All of the character animations make this a really fun game to watch and the dialog between the generals is often hilarious and I look forward to what will be said next, or see what ridiculous trick will Vercing pull.