Reviews for "Siegius"

I love this game! Personal note: I love the ancient times. Rome, Greece, Persia and the like. So many interesting stories and personalities. So that was a definite plus for me.

The art is simply awesome. Love the art really. Then the music selection is also nice. Really adds to the atmosphere. Then there's the humor that you added. That's a plus too. Then the gameplay. I really like how you introduced branching upgrades. Kinda like Starcraft 2's upgrade system in the campaign. So there's still the strategy of how you want your units.

Overall, I love it. 10/10 for you my friend. I'd definitely play this again and again.

Phew !!!!.....

I started the game at 22:00 and I finished at 00:00

Verdict: it was not bad but I'm really tired..... -_-
My head has become a watermelon ... both outside in appearance and inside in consistency ! lol


loved the game cant say it any other way sad that it was so short and i cant wait to play the next one if there will be a next one

good game

thought the pigs were silly but it was the point. id love to see another one with
more armies. maybe a differant continent? asia? or europe? france italy etc

Love It

10/10 loving every moment of the game and enjoy most the lil humor you added amongst Cesar and his rival well done !