Reviews for "Siegius"

Loved this when I was a kid and still love it now

Very fun! The last levels are always the most epic.

This game was a part of my childhood this was one of my most favorite games when i was a kid, I decided to make a new new grounds account so i could play this game, It really fun great music (even know its copy righted) The game plays great, Wish there was more then just story mode, wish there was online i dint like Segius Arena it would be amazing if they made a revamped version of this game and maybe even get it on steam i'd buy it! but that would never happen ;(

This game NEEDS a skirmish mode. Some place where we can have normal fights without story elements, where we can choose armies and difficulty modes, like other games like Age of War. If it had that, it would be the perfect game.

Can yall make a new game but with the same idea of this game? This is basically my childhood right er'.