Reviews for "Siegius"

Really fun.

Okay, so Siegus is simple enough that you don't need to be a well practiced strategist and well....I like that! Yet I've noticed some designs in your game elements which balance out the playing field, like you cabn't just use shitloads of archers to storm a base because as soon as they start shooting a fort it generally kills them all. I did find myself, however, using archers and defenders in combo throughout most of the game. I used the legionaries to some effect but they just didn't satisfy me. I also like how on the last upgrade for x3 amount it would decrease costs making it more efficient to buy in bulk...which made players want to upgrade more.

My only issues are two things...1- gauls were boring to play.
and 2- archers were solution to almost any situation after you max their range.

4/5 and 9/10.

"Sweet but..."

Its rlly gr8 u know but maybe make End of The Line little bit easier?But its still Sweet!


Normally I'd be kinder but I've seen game and game again just like this one, not that this one is bad, but it is missing some things that the others had, namely a QUALITY BUTTON (correct me if there is one, but I could not find one myself)

Yes I've read what you said but setting things to low sometimes DOES help (I blame the fact that I'm on my friend's laptop- a vista)

So for originality -1

now the second thing that bugs me, it's one thing to more or less clone a game with some minor changes (see: Toss the turtle, hedgehog toss, borito bull, etc.) but I'm not joking when I say, EVERY TUG OF WAR GAME HAS THE SAME SONG! (Glorious Morning)

-1 for being blunt about the copying

Now as for it being 7/10 instead of 8/10, I save my last one for people who went the extra mile to deliver a long in depth quality game, NOT saying this one is bad by any means, just it's the same repetition over and over

so final score 7/10

a "Far Above Average" Score, leaving this still rather good, I'd just personally like to see more innovation and depth in games rather then waiting for a game to be forgotten then cloning it with a few added features and a reskinning

leaving at 7/10
Still a great score

Very Nice Job, I have a question-/10

very good game, but I have a problem I played the whole game on Caesar and Vercing, but after the last stage as bone Vercing on 10, I save the game but I can not activate the Boaretheus know how I can do to get in this way? thanks


A nice game. But the 2x Range archers are way to strong. Just put the archers 2 times in your "inventory" and then mass the 2xrange archers. You won't need anything else. (maybe one two knights for the fortress because that thing kills archer very fast. )

Didn't even need the reinforcements in the last level since I spawnend first 4 2xrange archers and they killed all his miners from a safe distance.