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This was animated in October of the year 2010. This is one of my best work of that year.

- I was at a pet fair bored, so I climbed on top of a hill and got my notebook and thinking and thinking of ideas, I spent about a full 7 hours thinking of ideas and putting together the storyboard for ClayMotion into my notebook. I filled up 3 pages in my notebook full of ideas that is pretty much symbols that no one would understand but me. after I was finished, I was ready to animate. I got home and animated about 11 hours straight with one 20 minute break. this claymation was the spark and launching of my new morphing style.

-Around 1000 pictures at 25 FPS, including freeze frames
-Clay: EZ Shape

- Btw, if you saw my work before, you can see that i'm posting alot of 'Morphing Claymations". don't worry, i have plenty of stories and short films. I'm posting my claymations first.

-btw, did you found creeper?

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awesome, you dont find verry good animators in the stopmotion/claymotion feild but you are aone of a kind artist


buy a new camera, take better angles more fluid shots and a white or fancy background and you are the best klay artist ever
but right now you are only the best I ever seen, only. Lol XD

A small suggestion

First off, your clay animations are amazing! Just a small bit of constructive criticism though, for your abstract morphing claymations: the best part is the continuous, fluid motion, so you might want to try and have all the pieces moving around constantly, minimizing the pauses and the poses which can weaken the hypnotic, fluid effect somewhat. Just a thought, keep up the good work!

great job!

dude dont let the others tell you shit, your AWSOME and just keep it up that must take a lot of time and you should be proud of your self because you did a great job and let me tell you not much people can do that.I wait your next video and its a good idea to tell a story in it ;)

dude, why dont you tell a story with it ?

instead of just playing with the medium

you can make a wonderful story with these , even if it a simple one/

heres some inspiration
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kL-0-S ZhqQo&feature=related

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqi5F5 MqqTQ