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Reviews for ""ClayMotion""

Hidden Image....

On the play screen.

Awesome. I loved the ones before as well. Keep it up.


this was the best clayMotion short i ever saw, congrats on the high fps

great job!

dude dont let the others tell you shit, your AWSOME and just keep it up that must take a lot of time and you should be proud of your self because you did a great job and let me tell you not much people can do that.I wait your next video and its a good idea to tell a story in it ;)


buy a new camera, take better angles more fluid shots and a white or fancy background and you are the best klay artist ever
but right now you are only the best I ever seen, only. Lol XD


awesome, you dont find verry good animators in the stopmotion/claymotion feild but you are aone of a kind artist