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Reviews for ""ClayMotion""


This is the most epic claymation ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this was the best clayMotion short i ever saw, congrats on the high fps


that was so cool!


i love it!

great peice of work.....

I've seen better....in terms of clay mation, your good don't get me wrong..... length of the videos cost you much points, if your gonna post a video make it a bit longer(at most like a good 2mins+) keep your frame rate up cuz it was good and at its smoothest for your style of animation, there were still some gaps that i had seen in some of the transitions( like ball to humanoid form) add at least 2 to 3 frames more of the mold into it (if you get that).... there's no point to the video..... add a couple different color character/ models to it and you might have something but I'm really a flash only animator.... maybe somewhat of a story.... or complete abstract form you spent that much time just coming up with an idea which is much tooooo short.... take your time and have fun with it don't take rush and fallow through with the completion... you can do it, i know a good animator when i see the work..... peace xWRx.............. P.S. drunk as hell.... ha ha ha ha