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Reviews for ""ClayMotion""

This is VERY....


very good!

dude, you are very privileged for having such patience. pretty good

aww, another impressive submission.

calymation art is something that you have definitely mastered. in my last review of you claymation titled "TranzFiguration" i suggested few things that you have absolutely improved and enhanced.

the background has much better lighting and is much clearer than before.
the music is synced properly and the sound effects timing are a delight.
i do like the new intro animation and title placement

i would love to see colored clay in the animations and i think it would be much more interesting.

also, instead of a blank screen between clips, you can add something more intresting and similar to Robot Chiken (the static screen) or a channel serf.

again, i love your work and am hoping to see more of it.

awesome !!!

cool , guy !!