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Nothing in Between

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My second collaboration with Seattle-based chiptunes/electronic artist and vocalist LEENI.

This is a conclusion piece to the "Headphones On Your Heart" animation I did a couple years ago. It's a short which involves Leeni getting summoned into the 8-Bit Heart game world. She finally gets to leave reality behind and jump into an almost dream-like world. But who, or what, has summoned her there?

Artist: Leeni

Title: Nothing in Between

Directed By: James Franzen

Also, check out "Headphones On Your Heart", the initial piece in this series of videos...

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More more more more more more more more more! 3 and 4 Please Encore!
Pretty please with sugar and spice and everything nice?

i give it a 98 out of 100

Didn't know...

I didn't know that his flash was a sequel to ''Headphones on your heart''
I thought ''Headphones on your heart'' was a one part flash only.

Nevertheless, It was a marvelous flash and I enjoyed it.

BTW, I don't believe in perfect 10s since nothing is perfect, but I hope this doesn't anger you or anyone else.


what is this about and what is leeni?

Never stop making these!

You have such talent and I enjoy every single video you create I'll be waiting for your next to come out! Anyway's I'm so glad Leeni has a happy ending I wasn't sure the ending to 'Headphones On Your Heart' had a significant feeling of being left off at the end, however this surely fixes that and draws a nice ending to that video. Lovely, clean, smooth animation and works well with the music as with all your videos, Well done and Please continue the Fantastic work! (Worth all 10 stars!)