Reviews for "Nothing in Between"

Taking both as a whole....

I love a happy ending. GoshaDole, you are amazing.

awww such a cute love story!


i usely hate love stories but i cant beleive im

saying this ..... I LOOVED IT

I cant believe im saying this, but...

This is an amazing, short and sweet, lovely, cool, graphically and musically inclined video, and i am never impresed easily, and only review anything real bad or really good, but this is just purely amazing, the song really fit, and i never really enjoyed a video like this one this much...excepted maybe tetris'd is kinda familiar, but this is an oiginal concept, as far as i know, 10 out of ten from me!

Great love story!

D'awww. <3

So, the colored box was actually that guy at the end? So sweet. :)