Reviews for "Nothing in Between"


5 since a 5 year old made it...

very zen : )

to give a full critique, the music fit the story perfectly. story was short, but original. animation was smooth, and you did well to convey points in the story without words, something many other flash artists can't do.. other than that, as i said it was very zen, almost peaceful. great flash vid for me to watch right before i went to bed.. keep it up!

hmm.. well

I have to say I saw some reviews before mine and was about to dismiss this movie, but I have to say this was pretty different and had its own sense of style. Well done.
Don't mind the others that bash this content as I have to say I like the retro old school game theme it has in it, it seem like the wii game ..cave story.. pretty rad.
-The colors and theme worked well to relay the story. Of course the 8 bit style music was just the icing. Nice work


My fiancee and I live 2300 miles apart from each other. We ache in about every way for each other, and this would be so perfect--if I could zap her here, or she could zap me, then we'd do it in a heartbeat...


Perfect squeal :)