Reviews for "Nothing in Between"


Even though I never have seen what you made before, this was a work of bittersweet art. Plus, I bet if you and Leeni keep at this; you two will knock James and Hania Lee down a few pegs. Aside from that, I'll start the review...

In terms of art and animation, I like the color selection that was used throughout the video and the art style in general. However, this doesn't have much frame-by-frame, but I do recognize good tweening animation when I see it. Kudos for some clever gradient usage; sure there are assholes who hate flash gradients, but anybody who puts them to good use surely knows what they're doing. When it comes to sound, I really like that song Leeni made with its soothing melody and clever sample selection. Much better than what's being plugged on the music channels if I do say so. In terms of content, it may not be overly complex, but it doesn't need to be that way. Plus, the direction and pacing are excellent for what you have done for that song.

What I like about this:
-Nice animation, color selection, and style
-Cool song
-Great direction and pace

What I don't like:
-The song isn't everyone's cup of tea

Overall: Here's a nice ten for what you and Leeni have done.

Well, as was said before...

Great visuals, very imaginative and cute all around. However, the music got me.

The instruments used are fine. But the lyrics and chord progessions seemed empty...Like, it had little meaning, even felt empty for what was essentially a "happy" flash. It also didn't seem to change much. If the song had been different, this would have been a 9/10. I love the animation style, the main story of it as well. Just...that music...

*waits to get a useless review mark*

Really good!

Really a good little video! Love the music! But...what if it rains...on the phone...


I really enjoyed watching this, nice mash-up!

And @George1283, if you can't even spell the word "weird" you probably don't need a keyboard in front of you.