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Solar Strike

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Shameless 5 Points

Appreciate those good, good people in the credit screen!

Boulder Smash 10 Points

Destroy a total of 100 asteroids

Max Powers 25 Points

Obtain full plasma, laser upgrades with a shield equipped

Mine Sweeper 25 Points

Destroy a total of 500 mines

Crab Killer 50 Points

Defeat the evil one eye'd space crab on normal mode

Stinky Pinkies 50 Points

Don't let a single pink enemy past you!

King Crab Killer 100 Points

Save the universe from the evil space crab on Hardcore difficulty!

Author Comments

** Made minor changes that I hope will help a bit.
Some help for the aiming 'till its done.. Any enemies that stop in front of you (all but pink) will stop at the same depth level as your cursor so you are able to just hold the cursor right over them and you'll hit them. When enemies are moving you'll have to line the shots up since the game is using a single point perspective.

The full title of this didn't fit in the title box. It should read:
'Intergalactic supernova solar strike defender vs The evil giant one eyed space crab of doom'!

Seems its not clear enough, so until I find away to make it more obvious..
Your weapons do no damage to the bosses armour, and you can fly in front of him after he has stopped when he rushes at you.

Beat a giant space crab and earn medals in this 'into screen' shooter!

Control types:
Default - mouse aim/shoot + WASD
or Arrow Keys + Space Bar
Z - BIG BOMB, P - pause.

Note: You can change the sensitivity of the aiming cursor in the options menu on the pause screen,as well as other settings. faster the better! as it'll avoid your cursor going off screen.
If your cursor does starts to go off screen, best way to re-centre it is to pause (press P) and click the resume button.

Enjoy the show.

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Multi directional shooter and it cameout pretty good some nice visual play too, The crab boss was something else though and still pretty fun of a game here, So very nice game very addictive and intense on this one but anyways keep making fun games like this one


Looked great and was very enjoyable.

I thought this was a very fun shooter,i loved the graphics with it's 3D style while moving so smooth and not much lag,the controls were solid and the aim was better than people say it is (at least i didn't have a problem with it you just had to adjust) and the difficulty was balanced well also i thought the boss battle was creative on how you had to defeat him and all his attacks,overall this was a swell game and i enjoyed it very much. :)

I am so bad at this game >:(

What a great little game, though I was more than just a little confused about how the targeting system worked - one second you've got to aim the crosshair below the target and then in the next moment, you've got to point the crosshair directly at the target to get a hit.

I was quite surprised at how much these things swarm you so early on in the game. Again, I'll put this down to me being such a bad shot, but I would have thought that with the reload time being so long, you might want to consider making it shorter for people that enjoy "spam firing", since that does give a few more options for keeping the players that are genuinely interested in the game a little more chance of seeing the massive crab boss. Mines, rockets, asteroids and enemy ships bouncing off the armour really didn't help and as a result, I was quickly dispatched.

Overall, I'd say that this is a very good game. I just don't have the required skills to carry it off.

Still, with a few minor tweaks to the mechanism, such as automated, or assisted targeting for easier levels should make this a game that everyone can enjoy :)

[Review Request Club]

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Ye, since the game is all single point perspective things coming towards you aren't moving in a straight line.
I want to make a new one since I feel there's a lot of potential to be a good game, but working out a nice control system is one big headache.

I don't get it lol

I don't get how to beat the boss. I know I'm missing something and because it's my ignorance that won't count against your score at all. It's my own fault that I can't beat it.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

I like the graphics here, but really didn't like the way that things moved and how stationary everything was. It never gave off the illusion that things were actually moving. I don't know exactly how to explain what I mean or how to make it better, but it's my view on the visuals.

~ Story/Content ~

It's a basic game with really no story. I kind of like when the shooter games like this implement a story, but it's not really necessary. The directions were good and the gameplay was self explanatory, but I had no clue what to do with the boss. I see that you say you can fly in front of him, but I couldn't hurt him no matter what I did.

The aiming was a bit weird to get use to, but it wasn't impossible by any means. I actually found the game to be pretty easy up to the boss where I just ended up quitting.

~ Audio ~

The sound effects were pretty good and if you ever decided to implement a story/plot then it would be cool to have some voice actors. Hit me up if that ever is the case.

~ Overall ~

A decent game all around, but it doesn't have much that would make me want to return. Unless you let me know how to beat the boss and then I might attempt it again in the future. :P

~ Review Request Club ~

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Haha ye, there's not to much indication what to do on the boss, but if you can't damage him with your own weapons. Damage him with his ;)
The boss only gets better after that first phase! ;)

If I decide to make another game like this I'll try pull all stops to create the illusion of things moving towards you, but ye its a hard one to pick up on what needs changing to make it feel better!
I didn't add a plot to this since it was just a sort of test level to see if a game like this would be well recieved and can work..obv some work still needs done! I'd definitly plan to starfox up the game if i make another one. With the corny dialogue during the levels and barrel rolls!

I liked it!!

The game is very cool, I liked the retro design and concept, it remembers me those games I played in the old arcade machines... It's not a bad game, but it's not totally great too...

I think it's a pretty hard game, I like challenging and fun games like this one, even when it has medals, it's another reason to play it for much more time, but I think the gameplay wasn't too good, it kinda messed the game when I was playing it sometimes. The cursor is very hard to control and it's very hard to aim at your enemies sometimes, specially when they're passing in the upper bottom of the screen.

The song is very good, the gameplay isn't bad, the graphics are fine, everything seems working fine, I just think there's something else missing and the gameplay could've been better, I think there's still room for improvement, but you made a very good game here, guys. You are very talented, keep it up!!

-Member of the Review Request Club-


SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

There's a sensitivity bar in the options to adjust the speed or the cursor movement, maybe that would help controlling the cursor. Other then that, its just the fundamental isues that I will be working on soon.

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2010
5:51 PM EST