Reviews for "Solar Strike"

Fun yet Hard

I enjoy how the game play kept getting harder as you last longer on each difficulty. Probably the only weapon I didn't like was the purple lasers since instead of going straightforward they would just zig zag off in random directions instead. Good and hard playability makes it an even better game. No real way in which you can improve on this game except maybe give the game a plot to it so the player can feel like they really are defending something.

The medals work just fine so nothing to really change there anyways so that's one less thing for you two to worry about on this game. the choice in music was rather fitting as all the songs had a nice space feel to them as well during gameplay. However I would only fix it to where the health only comes when you get low on health as to add more suspense to the game and give the player a feeling they could die if they dont get the health pack quickly.

Aside from all of that, this is a brilliantly fun and addicting game to play, nice work on this gem.

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SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Glad you enjoyed! But all the comments re fair about the playability but its nice to know someone liked it as is ;)
Ye there is no plot in this game as it was more a test game to see if a game of this type would be well received. Perhaps will make another iteration and weave a plot into it.



It's always a tragedy to see games like this that are so close to being great but with a few major issues holding them back.

The game looks great, I have no issues with the design, menu setup looks good, and the gameplay concept is good - but for me the game's engine just doesn't really hold up to it. It feels too choppy and more of a task than fun to get anywhere. There's a balancing act with stuff like this you have to take into account. If the aiming is shit and you know it, then don't make the game hard. Give the enemies less health so it's easier to get somewhere.

I had the same issues as most others with the cursor going off screen repeatedly, which was mainly due to the fact that it seems the cursor is above the crosshairs. Why not make them the same?

The firing seemed a bit odd as well...there were like two crosshairs and it was difficult to see where I was shooting exactly, but for the most part it was manageable.

For the most part it just seemed unmanageable. The aiming was odd and the gun I was given felt underpowered against the army of asteroids and ships that were attacking. I see where you were going with the gun overheating, but like I said before it's a balancing act between the game mechanics and the difficulty. If there's any issue with aiming or shooting, take the difficulty down a notch at the very least so the game feels manageable. I think if the enemy ships didn't have such a ridiculous amount of health that this would have been far more enjoyable for me.

My totally honest advice would be to beef up the gun a bit or reduce enemy health, and maybe take a look at the crosshair/aiming issue. I think with those two things tweaked, this game would be a real winner. Overall I just had an 'uncontrolled' feeling of the ship and that's why I didn't enjoy it as much. Hope this helps.


SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Flash can't control the position of the mouse so not much can be done about going off screen.
The cursor movement is relative to the change of mouse movement. Strapping the cursor to the mouse position very quickly highlights the reason I don't do that - you'd always have to drag the mouse around int he direction the ship is moving for it to stay still.

Never thought about the hp on enemeis actually. The insane hp on enemies feeling is probably a knockon effect from the bad aiming. You can actually hit them a lot earlier then you probably realise/are able to. I guess it's an alternate quickfix before completely fixing the aiming though!



I loved the feel of the game at first, but as you're going to hear again and again, the aiming and depth perception was off. I find that the double cross-hair is often more hurtful than helpful. It ends up feeling like the shots curve unless you're actually using a 3d space. I appreciate the effort you put into trying to make a 2d game feel 3d, but it's just shy of perfect.

A lot of blame can be heaped on the cross-hairs. If the front set was distanced a bit, the direction of the bullets would be a bit more understandable. Most of the time they are clumped together, which only obscures the view. The cross-hairs are somewhat ornate, considering that they fire three bullets located near the tips of the design. I would have preferred a closer grouping, but as it is I would think either three dots or the parentheses-styled cross-hair would suffice.

Telling what was in or out of range was also an issue. It looked like the bullets were traveling far enough to hit anything I could see, but this wasn't the case. If the bullets diminished in alpha channel as it does in size, that could have solve it a little. Another option is to give objects color-coded HUDs according to distance. Target beads or glow effects would work. As for things passing you, it would help to blur them and scale them dramatically, and make their screen-time shorter. I couldn't tell when things had passed by because nothing about them seemed to change unless I flew behind them.

The lasers were a bit confusing and didn't seem to do much, since they were a flat graphic and effect in a game about depth. If they were more showy when they hit something, I might have appreciated them more.

Other than all that, I liked the game a bunch. The way the ship moved was really fun, and a lot of the graphics were interesting by themselves. The art came off a little better than the gameplay, but it was still challenging. Good job.

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Thanks a lot dude, totally appreciate the constructive comments.
It has become hard for me to judge whats wrong with the perspective because I'm so used to it, so these comments are real helpful for fixing the aiming!

I'll get round to implementing a few of these suggestions!
Will do a big revision on the crosshair/triple bullet.

The lasers where meant to be a poor secondary weapong to destroy mines/missiles at the same depth as you, but being hard to judge the depth it didn't work out to well :p They ended up more for show!


great game

when i destroyed the crab i died at the same time LOL

Great game - not so great aim

The game is fun but the cross hairs are not well claibrated. I have a target right in my scope and I fire away at it and yet it does not get hit. Also if an enemy target it near the top of the sceen I often wind up moving the cursor out of the game and onto the ads or links by accident. Its got everything going for it though, cool art and sounds. I made sure it wasn't me by fully charging my gaming mouse and having at it again so I think you might want to look over what the cause of this is.

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Well flash has no ability to control the mouse position so its either restrict you going anywhere near the edges of the screen which would look funny, or just make a big screen :p

Yes the aiming is shit as been mentioned by everyone, but its more the nature of the fake perspective than anything. Its not fps so you aren't looking 'straight down the scope'.
Its set at the same depth the enemies that stop are at so any objects more distance or closer you have to line up for.