Reviews for "Solar Strike"


Awesome,Kick ass,there's not enough words to describe it.

Fun yet Hard

I enjoy how the game play kept getting harder as you last longer on each difficulty. Probably the only weapon I didn't like was the purple lasers since instead of going straightforward they would just zig zag off in random directions instead. Good and hard playability makes it an even better game. No real way in which you can improve on this game except maybe give the game a plot to it so the player can feel like they really are defending something.

The medals work just fine so nothing to really change there anyways so that's one less thing for you two to worry about on this game. the choice in music was rather fitting as all the songs had a nice space feel to them as well during gameplay. However I would only fix it to where the health only comes when you get low on health as to add more suspense to the game and give the player a feeling they could die if they dont get the health pack quickly.

Aside from all of that, this is a brilliantly fun and addicting game to play, nice work on this gem.

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SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Glad you enjoyed! But all the comments re fair about the playability but its nice to know someone liked it as is ;)
Ye there is no plot in this game as it was more a test game to see if a game of this type would be well received. Perhaps will make another iteration and weave a plot into it.


Looked great and was very enjoyable.

I thought this was a very fun shooter,i loved the graphics with it's 3D style while moving so smooth and not much lag,the controls were solid and the aim was better than people say it is (at least i didn't have a problem with it you just had to adjust) and the difficulty was balanced well also i thought the boss battle was creative on how you had to defeat him and all his attacks,overall this was a swell game and i enjoyed it very much. :)

great game

when i destroyed the crab i died at the same time LOL

I liked it!!

The game is very cool, I liked the retro design and concept, it remembers me those games I played in the old arcade machines... It's not a bad game, but it's not totally great too...

I think it's a pretty hard game, I like challenging and fun games like this one, even when it has medals, it's another reason to play it for much more time, but I think the gameplay wasn't too good, it kinda messed the game when I was playing it sometimes. The cursor is very hard to control and it's very hard to aim at your enemies sometimes, specially when they're passing in the upper bottom of the screen.

The song is very good, the gameplay isn't bad, the graphics are fine, everything seems working fine, I just think there's something else missing and the gameplay could've been better, I think there's still room for improvement, but you made a very good game here, guys. You are very talented, keep it up!!

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SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

There's a sensitivity bar in the options to adjust the speed or the cursor movement, maybe that would help controlling the cursor. Other then that, its just the fundamental isues that I will be working on soon.