Reviews for "Solar Strike"

Good game!

This game really has some great features to it. The graphics are fantastic, the sound is rich and doesn't really get annoying, and the challenge of judging your angles when firing your cannon is pretty cool.

The only negative thing I'm going to say is that there seems to be a pretty large difficulty spike in the game. Things weren't too challenging until after the second checkpoint, then BAM it got really hard all of a sudden. There must be some way that you can make the increase in difficulty as the game progresses a little more linear.

Needs work to be a great game

It isn't a bad game by any stretch of the imagination - but it does leave a lot to be desired in terms of polish and control.

Pros: Credit where credit is due, "first person space shooter" isn't something you see every day. The graphics are well done and the sprites show obvious dedication.

Cons: Unfortunately, I feel the gameplay suffers from essentially looking "over the shoulder" of the main ship - I found myself repeatedly loosing track of my ship even with few enemies on screen. Perhaps a true first-person setup would have increased playability for me. The depth of field also played awkwardly and it was very hard to get a feel for where my shots were supposed to line up. It reminded me of the old Virtual Boy games, if attempted in a 2D medium. I wasn't impressed by the ship's secondary weapons, and there did not seem to be any rhyme or reason for when enemy homing missiles would detonate, making avoidance essentially a matter of luck and pointlessness.

Overall, the Solar Strike is an interesting take on the classic space shooter, but ultimately needs a can or two of polish before I would call it enjoyable.

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Yeah, the controls where the main headache through the whole thing.
First you couldn't aim ''control type 1'' then I added the aiming, which effectively breaks the fake perspective. So I guess the judging on the depth and stuff take a load of getting used to. I guess in the end I just gave up as I didn't have any ideas how to improve the current controls without completely changing the gameplay (to fps as you mentioned).

My idea with the homing missiles was shoot them down before they reach you or run but I guess its hard to judge where the heck they are to shoot em down intentionally :p

Cheers for the reviews.


Awesome,Kick ass,there's not enough words to describe it.

nice game, but not so nice controls

I liked to play this at first. But when I started to evade more, and came close to the borders of the "room", Aiming was really hard, because the mousecursor suddenly had to be in a quite different position relatively to the ship, then while being in the center, to aim at the same position relatively to the ship. I only tried default controls (mouse aim/shoot + WASD), I don't know if other controls don't have this problem, but maybe you could work on that.