Reviews for "Solar Strike"

Fairly typical

This was a pretty enjoyable game to play, but it could have been better by having more variety with it. Another thing would be to show off more depth by being able to go forward and stuff. The sound effects were alright and so were the graphics. The hardest part was probably being able to tell how the blasts were going to go as the symbol did not help much. At least you managed to have the easy medal of looking at the credits. It is a fairly basic shooting game in space, but definitley not terrible.

work on it for a little bit...

Ok, the concept is great, but what you did with the concept isnt to good. The controls are just to akward, It sucks all the fun away. if you could improve the controls this could be a really cool game. but for now? not so much...


I took damage but stuff wasn't hitting me? Or maybe it was... dammit I can't tell, the depth perception is really crap in this game.

I do like the idea and the graphics but come on man.
It'd be nice to see:
-Ability to barrel roll (or an upgrade in game that gets you the ability to do that. Maybe there is, Idk I never got that far)
-Ability to Loop De Loop
-Better crosshairs... seriously!

Needs work.

Wow, I felt like I had little to no control over my aim. Every time I go near the edge of the screen, it doesn't let you shoot, which is really annoying. The whole depth of the game seemed really off. The gameplay wasn't anything too exciting in my opinion, played it once, won't be trying again. There was no meaning behind it, maybe add some story or something?
Lots of negatives, but I wouldn't call the game terrible, just needs improvement. I'll give you a 5/10 for the effort.

SantoNinoDeCebu responds:

Ye I'm now aware of the controls being awkward for everyone, but I don't see the problem with shooting at the egdes of the screen? You can. When you can shoot is only dependant on how far you're aiming away from the ship....and it goes red when you can't shoot.

Also there's a cursor sensitivity bar int he options with might help some..
but I'm currently looking at ways to improve the controls for a next iteration.

wow, WAAYYYYY too glitchy

to have that much going on in the game and have that poor of an aim for your weapons.