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Dem Parodeez - 2

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Stretchy Arm Dude will nevar ween, unteel now!

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A bit annoying

Oftentimes, graphics don't have to be good for the flash to be good, but I don't feel the comedic value on this one weighs up for the fact that the graphics are, pretty much, horrible.

It seems like everything here could've been drawn free-hand in MS Paint. The filling of colors isn't very good, and all the colors are very plain, no shading or lighting or nuances of the colors going on. The style could go for a parodic style, but it looks more like something a kid would draw.

Another problem is animation. It's really all just tweening, and I can't find any very good animation. Mouths really only had to positions, wide open and closed, which could work, once again, with a parodic style (like Arfenhouse, for example), but considering how I didn't even smile at this, I can't let it slip.

Voice acting wasn't bad. Voice was annoying, but you never tried too hard to be funny, which I can appreciate. A bit tough to make out what the characters said at times though.

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DahDoctow responds:

thank you for your comment.

the reason for the art style was actually because this whole thing was inspired completely by a comic strip made by Tails-Lock. It used the same art style so I just asked him if he wanted to be a part of it, it probably wasn't a good idea but in my mind it works.

Thanks I appreciate your honesty


Oh wow, I did understand almost everything, without subtitles. Since english is a foreign language for me and I usually have some trouble understanding slangs and accents this is quite impressive, haha.

Aynway, the flash was quite funny. I never will be able to play Street Fighter again without thinking of this movie. And I propably will never select Dhalism again, just so I can see his select icon flying around and headbutting Ryu.

Even though the graphics are meant to look crappy I think they still could've used some more work. Most of the time the characters wheren't correctly coloured, they still had some "white spots" left. Intentional or not, I didn't like it too much.

Also, the voice could've been a tad bit louder, this way it would be even better to understand. Also also don't use "so den" so often next time (just like I shouldn't use the word "also" so often ^^).

{ Review Request Club }

DahDoctow responds:

alright, thanks for your response!

I never even noticed until now how much I said "So den", I need to come up with a new word hahaha.

Could use some work

Well it was kind of funny but it can't really be considered a funny parody unless the user is able to watch, follow, and be able to understand what is going on here. I didn't seem to understand much aside from Dhalsim was jealous of not being chosen so he comes out beats Ryu using his select screen icon which is weird.

Animation seemed to be pretty sad actually. There was Dhalsim who had a sprite at one point and mouths were also moving sometimes but it is largely lacking with people moving and background which kind of makes it a bit bad. Possibly put more effort in and work on it rather than rushing and I am sure it could win a daily spot on the front page.

The voice acting was pretty humorous anyways since it was one guy just making up a completely random story of what happened one day in Street Fight for some reason. Still makes little sense and at some parts they could speak up a little louder too.

Overall, just need some time, paitence, and willingness to make sure that you think its truly funny before submitting. Not too bad though, slightly funny to me.

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DahDoctow responds:

haha thanks!

funny story, this was on front page


I'm not really sure how I managed to understand all of that, but I did. Dhalsim is a character that you either love or hate in Street Fighter and clearly from the plot of this, he was hated, because no-one wanted to play as him.

Perhaps I'm missing something here, becuase I'm not sure what it's parodying, unless you're parodying Street Fighter or any of the games / movies associated with this franchise. If that's the case, I'd rather stick to the Street Fighter collab, if it's all the same to you.

If I were working on this, I'd get a really awesomely well-spoken narrator to spend ages making the perfect narration track and animate it like you have, ironically. Perhaps also calling "Stretchy Arm Dude" Dhalsim and referring to him as a stretchy armed dude, when you introduce him to the piece.

[Review Request Club]

DahDoctow responds:

hahaha. all the narration was on the spot which probably isnt a good thing

thanks for the review


May as well attempt to review this.

I give it a 1 for making me think "lol" for a second.

What I would do to attempt to improve are three things:

1) Make the parody make a bit more sense.
2) Be a /bit/ more comprehensible in how you speak, half the time I couldn't understand what in the world you were saying. This extends to spelling in the type when you have words in the flash.
3) Make artwork that looks a /little/ better than a scribble on the flash. The artwork appears to have no effort in it whatsoever other than the most minimal possible. Most of the good flashes take a long time to make (I'm assuming) because they spend a lot of time in the artwork. Half a flash is good artwork, the other half is good sound. Otherwise, it's just... dull and boring, that or makes people who watch think "Ugh!".

This parody could definitely be improved. Those would be my bits to say how.

Good luck.

-Review Request Club-

DahDoctow responds:

thanks for your review, although the artwork and voices were intentionally bad. in the future I will add alot more "oomph" into it.