Reviews for "Dem Parodeez - 2"


Judging by the other scores, people still love mediocrity. I thought we were past that fad by now.

so den

i just head butt you with my select screen icon

so den ...

it was alright

You might want to work on the animation a little, voice acting was semi-funny. but other than that it was good just try a little harder next time, if you want me to voice act i can send .wav files to you just check out my account on NG I'm on everyday so if you want help just p.m. me.


some of the best animation and voice acting i have ever seen!

DahDoctow responds:

you know it ;)

Best Parody Ever!!

People that says this sucks are stupid and wrong. If they say the voice acting sucks, they're stupid and wrong because it's probably the best on newgrounds.

If they say the animation sucks, they're stupid and wrong because that was some seriously righteous animation my favorite part was when Stretchy arm dude headbutted guy and won match.

Oh, speaking of which, if anyone says the story sucks, they're stupid and wrong.

DahDoctow responds:

Thank you!

It's positive comments like yours that make me want to keep on doing what I am doing! And for that, I thank you!