Reviews for "Dem Parodeez - 2"

Why the fuck...

You get a one because you made me smirk at one part... i cant remember when though..

so many things wrong

well you are lucky to be one of the random flashes that managed to make it to the front page so I guess I this is where I critique? art 0, because it was fucking horrible and not even done in flash (it was pixel graphics probably created in photoshop). No background just a white stage which you probably left as default. Voices could be confused for a retard humping a doornub. Nothing about this is even good and there is only a vague reference to street fighter. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars


Did I just got trolled?


STOP TAKING IT SO F***ING SERIOUSLY! And Eric, I think you have a great sense of humor. ( beating him up with the icon head )


you know what. FUCK IT. its alot better then some of the shit i see around here. anyone who rates under 10 is def a fan of Oprah. FUCK YOU NEWBS