Reviews for "Dem Parodeez - 2"

why would either of you

want to be associated with crap like this. there is after all still jack offs in the more situated groups of NG i suppose. but really? grow up and do something significant.

DahDoctow responds:

again, this was not intended to be quality work, just a fun project me and my friend set up. nothing to gain nothing to lose.

but now that i have been front pages, i suppose i did gain something. lol



DahDoctow responds:

is that so?

this is dum.

just dum. I don't care if it gets FP or whatever, but seriously it's not funny. It's just like a lame version of a good silly joke...

I mean, I see what it's trying to be, but I don't like how it is... It's bad because it's bad at being bad. I guess that's possible... I gave it a 5 because some dude took an hour to make it.


DahDoctow responds:

in all honesty, i have no idea how it got FP, this was just a series me and my friend did for fun.

I am very honored however, that i was one of the people on the frontpage, which i have always fantasized myself being on since... FOREVER!!!