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Greetings Newgrounders, I promised Luis at the London meet I had a back catalogue of games to submit, so there's going to be plenty of submissions from me coming up! Here is the first, a game which I think is a nice fun game that people should play on their computers using the Flash plugin.

The government have set up a Zombie defence tower in the middle of nowhere for seemingly no reason. Can you guys guess what happens next?
Try this unique Flash experience with different content strung across different TV stations, and of course, plenty of fun blowing up you know what!

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Starts off amusing, but after a while it just becomes a drag- there's not enought variety in enemies, and blowing up hundreds of zombies is less satisfying when it takes more than one shot on the weakest zombie.

This game is terrible. When I want to play an artillery strategy game, I don't want things constantly running at me and I don't want to have to use the keyboard.


10/10 5/5 and dean, PLAY MOAR OF IT ok? The-EXP ROCKS!

how is this tv?

there is only 4 channels that work and only 1 is a game the other 3 is jest the intro, the achievements, and the credits


im going to that guy when the infection starts!