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Reviews for "ZOM-TV!"

Great game, love it

I have seen this game on another site. It is absolutly amazing. He must have just gotten around to uploading it here.


This game was pretty adicting.

First off, The menu/game screen was just completely original and awesome.
The Ch.3 Gameplay itself was pretty good. Despite it being "litterally" nothing but repettive gameplay. Being the game began with a story, i figured it'd end eventually and i'd finish the story, or something. The beggining had said i'd unlock new channels as i played, But when i go threw the chanels theres all black. Didn't bother to actually stay on one channel for more than a few seconds to find out i HAD unlocked all of them. xD
Sadly, After buying all the upgrades and spending about an hour and a half killing zombies, I couldn't handle it anymore and ch' surfed. Stopped on one and sure enough i had um open! Very cool style once i found it out!

The last channel was great, The music was soothing' and fit the voice that was in my head speaking to me.

The jokes were funny, and it was a miracle i caught onto the I AM LEGEND refrence.
As for improvements, The game needs to not make me think im doing all this for something. Instead of nothing. I was quite disapointed with the game when i found out, to continue with the story, i had to die. :(
dieing was really fun...
So, Tell me why im playing, Story ect.
And also, Make the waves improve.
It took SO long, AN HOUR AND A HALF, to get to a point where with none of my guys armed, it was, a tiny bit difficult to fend them off...
Well not really, but you get my point.

either make the waves of zombies harder quicker, or get better zombies to do your bidding! D: It tricked me into playing and waisting my night lol!

Pretty much everything else about this game was perfect!
Bugs: The "Breaking News" scroll box likes to cut off the sentense inbetween a word so you don't get to read the punch line.
Thats really the only one...
Graphics - 8/10
Music - 8/10
Creativity - 10/10
Humor - 9/10
Over All Gameplay - 9/10
Total: 5/5



Armor Games Rules!


my score was 199740 so close to 200000 :( dang


its got great sfx
its got great gfx
its got its own gameplay style
this games got EVERYTHING!!!