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Reviews for "ZOM-TV!"


number 10 all time! lol all you need is 3 hours :( and no life! maybe if it was faster I would give you a higher score any way its interesting format and I found all the others stuff entertaining lol got all the achievement too :D

Very good!

I got 610,700 points and was number 1,112 of all time. :D This game was funny, addictive, and fun all at he same time! This is proven by all the good comments, the award, and me playing for 2 hours straight! Good work The-EXP, Armor Games, and Chris (Nqkoi1)!



i honestly didnt like this game

some of the stuff was funny but the actually game part was very boring i could of played all day but i got bored

love the relaxation channel :D

i had a rough day and this was perfect ... words cant describe..how good this made feel.....