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Kheni - Halloween

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Just something I made in a few days

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Mario&Luigi SS... in the Desert kinda theme... Sounds kinda like it... uh wel to me... heh heh

I love Halloween!

Yeah , this music totally reminds me of Halloween! I also like the orchestra sound in this audio! This music might not be intensive , but I still love it! You deserve a big solid 10/10 for this!

Kimken responds:

Thanks :).
This could be improved a LOT, but tragically, I rarely go back to a song to improve it, that sucks for me. :\


Sort of a Hungarian Dances feel to it for some reason. I love it, nice reserved halloween song, not too dark and spooky just right. Like a halloween waltze, I don't know how to spell that. You could totally dance to this, doo do doo do doooo.
Nice bass too, the whole thing is really nice, I like it.

Ur #1 Fan.

Kimken responds:

I just need to add some background effects/percussion etc, then it would be whole.


this some pretty kool shit guy and for Para-noid this is still haLowEn just a mentaly insane crazy one like the movie it or any other clown one

Classical sounding.

Has that Beethoven or Motzart feel to it, sounds like something that would be performed by a huge orchestra. I liked the instruments you used, it fits well with the song title. Lots of "doo doo doos" which are cool, but to be honest, this really isn't that dark, your other pieces are much more ominous.