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Shy Guy's Adv. Extended

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I was going to just put it as an update to the .swf but it is much more, I would've called it a sequel but it has the original menu.

-Fixed Music glitch
-Double the levels of the original, 12 Levels!
-Added spikes and lava (enemies may be soon)
-Improved HitTest so Shy Guy isn't "floating" as much.
-Improved Shy Guy's animations a little bit.

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Not bad, but could use some tweaks

Needs some music variation, and it's far too easy. Needs a little work on the mechanics, but overall not a bad jumping script. You did alright, just improve on those key areas.


I would say what you need to improve on... but that has already been said...
But I will say that you did a great job on the extended and looking forward to seeing how you improve on it next.


Great improvements ;)

Good, but room for improvement.

It could be a little harder, maybe some enemies and moving platforms? Otherwise fun.

pretty good it might need some improving but...

...not bad, i do have to say a few things:
1. animate more! i felt like it was background only.
2. moving enemies would be good too if you could
3. edges need improving like Idealldeas said
4. longer and more intricate levels will always keep interest
5. different music is a must wen you want people to have fun!
thats about it for this game, i think u have alot of potential and i hope you keep making games! :D