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Reviews for "Shy Guy's Adv. Extended"

My ideas

Here is a small list of ideas to improve this.
1. Animate more! with the last level that had lava you should of had the lava animated.
2. Longer levels that scroll as you go along.
3. Enemies! One example could be in the castle areas with lava have those fireballs jump up every one and awhile. another example you could have bullet bills being shot at shy guy. (Make sure that specific enemies can be killed by jumping on top of them!)
4. different music! when you change from one area like outside to inside the inside music should be the castle song.
5. have a level select screen
6. make collision detection alittle better. sometimes when i got close to an edge i would fall off when i should have not.

very good

great try at a "different" mario game but the it's a basic game that needs some more features like moving enemies

If not too much to ask

great improvement dood!

the first one was gereat,tis ones even better,could i just make some ideas though?
1:enemies(like a mario or luigi)
2:longer levels
3:a boss after every 3 levels


the music and sprites made the game nostalgic, as yodaman said earlier. however, the levels were all extremely easy and didn't vary much. essentially each level was 4-5 platforms with gaps in between, sometimes there were spikes or lava in the gaps (which wouldnt change the outcome of landing in the gaps).

my advice would be to maybe try to add some other objects to make the game more difficult, i.e. moving platforms, moving enemies, maybe even some movement altering items such as teleporters or trampolines (although if you're trying to keep it completely mario based i can understand omitting the teleporters).

keep working on it, this has the potential to be a challenging and addictive platform game


The levels themselves should be longer, with more difference between them then just 5 pillars and a few pointy things. But pretty nice.