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Reviews for "Shy Guy's Adv. Extended"


Better then the last. You should really try to re work some of the earlier platforms, the game stays too easy. The controls are ok still. Another music bug persists ... if you beat the game and go back to the main menu then the music doubles.

Again I must stress that you should resize the game .. either make the images larger and a scrolling screen or do something with all the open air on the top half of the screen. Like having to get up there via jumps or maybe ladders.

good game

you should add medals and make moving enemys, good game by the way

Good game

Gives a very nostalgic feel to the game. The game needs more levels though. I would rate the game a 10, but it's way too short.

Thanks though for making this version.

Fun game & a little glitch

Fun game overall.
Also here's a little glitch: Finishing the game and returning to the main menu will cause the same music to play twice.

How on and off?

7 months is a long time to get something as basic as that. Most pro's would probably only take approx. 3 too do that.
But, It was kinda fun. I have a few suggestions.
1. Create an accel property so that you don't walk at full sped or nothing.
2. Make death animations so its not an abrupt frame change. Or at least a fade out.
3. When completing a level, of course everyone automatically clicks next level. And as there are no stats on that page, it really serves no use other then annoying us.