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Another Singularity

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Another Singularity: Stranger Days

Enter some kind of dreamscape and unravel the mysteries within.

Control the man with your arrow keyes and use the mouse to choose options in conversations.
This is the sequel to a game i made four years ago. I will leave you to interpet it. This project went through many incarnations and titles before ending up in the shape it is now. I had to cut some content in the final act because the file size was getting alarmingly big... but i am quite satisfied with the result.

I will leave it up to you to interpet and judge it.

Please do leave a review! :)

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I don't know why

but I find my self playing this over and over :)


i really liked this game.
I almost gave up a couple of times but i didn't.
It's impressive how surreal you made it feel.
really did feel like a dream.

i can see what you're trying to do

But this was pretty bad

Big bug, but fun

when i ran into the bush the screen got white with a blue box at the bottom right

a really fine game

I always had a theory we lived 2 lives. One in our dream one here but when we are in one world we cannot remember the other. The other world probably is just diffrent like this game with the upside tree.