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Dream of Water and Land

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This one is dedicated to Nemo by spending his last minutes in the sinking Nautilus ...

EDIT : WOW best of the week ? special thanks to all who vote for this song =)

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Okay, this needs 6 stars - an extra one for the 'Leagues' reference.

Semaphore responds:

Thank you very much DM-Jo

Simply put? This has been my favorite song (and I take such titles and rankings very seriously) since I heard it almost four years ago. Many have tried to dethrone it, but every time I hear I get a completely different experience, yet the same emotional reaction. It's beyond beautiful... it's... majestic. There we go. This is a masterpiece. I'd say that you peaked, but from listening to your other music I know you have the ability to equal or top this. I wish you the best of luck in that endeavor, and your music is what made me actually decide to sign up to this... reputable website and follow the entire music scene. Thank you, sir/madam for broadening my horizons and making my day more times than anything else in the world has. And while it may be, again, almost four years late... Crendor sent me.

Semaphore responds:

Thank you very much ahk7815.
I really appreciate your effort to sign up here for me =)

I personally been through hard times the last 4 years and music always helps me to put my feelings in it and to calm down. And if something can make me even happier it is people like you who share my art in an enjoyable way =)

I always will try to go on with music because I have still just so many great ideas which are only lacking of motivation because life can be hard for an artist.

I wish you and all listeners + watchers here the best of luck too.

Cheers Sema

I could really see this song during a sad scene in a movie or a video game. This actually brought tears to my eyes! Keep up the good work. I love all of your music!

Your song is beautiful. Let me know if you gonna sell, I want to buy in HD. Congratulations!

Semaphore responds:

Already best quality in here =)

Soothing and pleasent

Hey now, this was another good track of yours, it is very soft though, you might want to raise it up a notch, now this is a soft and pleasent feel of a song so i can understand it should be that way, but a little higher wouldnt hurt, its soothing and seems to flow on like in some story like something is sailing away or some sad moment, more of a sad moment, i can really see this being in a very dramatic flash so props to you for bringing out the emotion on this one, can this be improved on? yeah maybe with some deeper sounds and differant pitches here and there, anyways nice track

As above some deeper pitches and raise and lower sound quality


Semaphore responds:

thank you very much XwaynecoltX