Reviews for "Another Singularity"

You have creativity

This game was nice and mysterious.You just need to improve the game art and add items and make it bigger.


ofcourse the overall artwork and asthetics could have been better. The heart of it was there and it was good.


This game was rather refreshing. I enjoyed the surreal atmosphere, how the player is put forth into a realm he doesn't quite understand which makes sense, as this puts him on even ground with the main character. This leaves it up to you to try and figure out what the point of everything is. The game has some nice pacing, and changes things up rather quickly, so I found myself never getting bored as I progressed.

The music seems compressed, thus low quality, but the actual tune is not. I understand the file size is an issue, but if the music itself were to be crisp and untouched it would certainly increase the already excellent atmosphere of the game. Not that the compression takes much away, I would just imagine it would be a lot better. But alas, space restrictions.

Very well done.

Nice from what i played....

But i got glitched out of the landscape area in the carnival. I walked up to the haunted house, then i got glitched upwards a little bit and i could only walk on the outside of the map, couldnt get back in :/