Reviews for "Another Singularity"


This is a really neat flash. Interesting story. I do like how the main character is drawn, gives you the sense of a dream. But the demon, the "other" you and most of the items and landscapes could have been done better. I think the only ones that really distracted me from the gameplay was the moving furniture.

Very interesting game

Won't complain about graphic, cuz the gameplay is 1000

Nice, but work on your graphics.

The story and gameplay were actually quite pleasant, as was the music. It had a dreamy feel, which was calming. Then again it had something creepy, something wasn't right.

I really DO think that you should improve your graphics, everything looked like cheap tweens & traced bitmaps to me.

Take some drawing/animating classes, or refer to the tutorials here, on Newgrounds!


It was interesting.

It was cool, as far as storyline goes. Some of the art had a surreal feel to it. Except the guy from zombies ate my neighbors. It seems like it took a lot of work. Just spend a little more time on the graphics and it would be amazing.

Nice. Very pleasant.

Hope to see more feeling games of your's.