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Alice is Dead - Ep 2

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Author Comments

Exciting News!

We're remaking the entire Alice is Dead trilogy in HD! If you want to help us, and to stay up to date with the latest progress, please add it to your Steam wishlist here: Steam Page

If the HD remake is successful, we'll be able to create an entirely new game set in the Alice is Dead universe!


MAKE SURE you've played Episode 1 or you will be lost.


Impending Riot: Well after a long wait, Episode 2 is finally here. It was a blast to make, and we're really proud of how far it's come.

Yes, I know this one is short too, but we really added a lot compared to the first one. Our goal is to continue to tell a story, and we've done that and I'm really proud of where it is. I'm so pleased with Hyptosis art, Andie's music, and Tomamoto's voice.

This project really is a result of collaboration and Newground's immense pool of talent. I want to especially thank Tom and everyone else at Newgrounds for sponsoring this episode. This place has felt like an artist home for me for the past 5 years, I'm glad Alice is Dead can call it home too.

And last but certainly not least, I'd like to thank the fans. I'm sorry if I didn't respond to your messages, but I read every one of them and they motivated me to push on when things go difficult.

Hyptosis: I had a lot of fun doing the art for Aid2 and it was a blast exploring this dark, semi-real world, and trying to find interesting ways to splice it with the insanity that is Wonderland. I think by doing this, I hope, it makes it more easy to relate to, and more unnerving to explore.

The Mad Hatter just started as a sketch. I did a couple, but the one you meet in the game was the first tiny little sketch of him I did in the corner of a piece of notebook paper. I wasn't totally sold on him until tomamoto sent us the voice clips. Then I was all teary-eyed like a mother looking at her newborn insane person. It just felt good, thanks for doing such a good job bro.

I felt like I personally learned a lot in the making of Aid2, far more even than when we made the first one, and that feels really good. I got to add more crisp art, more thought into each piece, it was a very enjoyable experience. And of course, working with my good friend Mike, damn, so much better than working for a boss you know? It's really nice that we can agree on so much and we both seem to know how to compromise, which I think is super important in any business relationship.

I don't know what else to say other than 'woohoo' glad it's done, sorry it took so long but life stuff happened and we didn't want to cut corners, and so on. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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Oystercloud test: Merge their world with another
Date of 2nd test: July 2 1937
Oh, so they disappeared with Amelia Earhart

Hyptosis responds:

Not a lot of players made the connection!

Great game!

The password took a while to figure it out.

Really lame that I can't remain logged into my account while using Newgrounds Flayer, the official extension. I should be able to keep all the progress I made. Still fun nonetheless. I'd rate the game a 5 otherwise. If it weren't for that and the very difficult code. The first game had atmosphere, mystery, intrigue, fantasy, and realism all wrapped into one. It was gritty, dark, cynical, and horrifying. You don't know anything more than your character and a lot is left up to the imagination. There are less literary elements here but the puzzles are just as difficult and the use of abstraction skills is a good exercise and very fun and interesting. This game is less dark but with more wit and character. You start to see the spunky side of Mr. Rabbit and understand your character's personality, and a lot more is revealed here. Great world building development that I like just as much as the first game's "less is more approach" because things fill in nicely here. Still many questions though... still so much to wonder about in this land...

I love everything about this series. The style, the puzzles, the music used, everything.

more please

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4.69 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2010
1:38 AM EST
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